July 13, 2015

“The length of our days is . . . eighty, if we have the strength” – Psalm 90:10.

“Thus far has the Lord helped us” – 1 Samuel 7:12.

Dear Friends,

Well, I made it! I am 80 today.

I write to you today as a very thankful man. Now back in Nashville, I must say that recent months have been quite difficult – for two reasons. First, although our nearly six months in London’s Kensington Temple have been very fruitful and enjoyable (they have invited us back for 2016), I spent much of the time this year being very unwell. I had sinusitis that went into pneumonia and had to cancel meetings in India and Jordan. That said, I am now perfectly well and my Vanderbilt physician says I am able to continue traveling and preaching all over the world with no difficulty.

Second, two close friends have been taken to Heaven. John Paul Jackson has been snatched away suddenly and I am still trying to come to terms with his passing. I thought he and I were to have a ministry together. I was not prepared for his death. He was 15 years younger than I; I am the one who should have died first. Also, one of my oldest friends – Dale Martin, a Nazarene minister – died a few days ago. Eight days apart in age, we grew up together in Ashland, Kentucky.

I have looked forward to this birthday – doing nothing today but having Louise (my amazing wife of 57 years) at my side and enjoying Toby and Timothy our two grandsons along with T. R. and Annette, Melissa and Rex. For happiness on earth, it doesn’t get better than this. Thank you Lord.

However, there is another reason I have looked forward to this birthday. I will find out if I’m Moses! I hope so. God did not really use Moses until he was 80 (Exod.7:7), and I have wished that, just maybe, God has an important work for me to do at this stage of my life. We will see!

My book It Ain’t Over Till it’s Over – with an endorsement from Yogi Berra and several friends – has come out to coincide with my 80th birthday. Originally intended to focus on the goal of finishing well, this book was expanded to show the importance of not giving up! “It ain’t over till it’s over” when it comes to answered prayer, the hope of seeing people saved, seeing genuine Revival and experiencing one’s utmost dreams this side of going to Heaven.

Thank you for your love and prayers. These mean more to us than anything else.

God bless you all.

Much love,

R.T. Kendall – Romans 8:28


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