July 13, 2014
Dear Friends:
“In repentance and rest is your salvation,
in quietness and trust is your strength”
– Isaiah 30:15.
Today is my 79th birthday. This also means a semi-annual letter to my friends.
As many of you will know, we have just finished a period of ministry in London, beginning last February 1st – and ending a few days ago. It was like a fairy-tale. To live in London again – indescribable. Truly wonderful, to say nothing about the opportunities for ministry. Pastor Colin Dye of Kensington Temple invited Louise and me to be a part of their team and we accepted his gracious invitation. I calculate that I have spoken 135 times  since February 1st including at  Kensington Temple, IBIOL (KT Bible school), Holy Trinity Brompton, Westminster Chapel, Sweden, Scotland, various churches in England, South Africa and South Carolina.
What is more, we have been invited back and we plan to accept. This means we would return to London next February 1st 2015 for another era lasting just under six months. What a privilege in our old age – to spend half the time in America and half in the United Kingdom. Our daughter and son-in-law, Melissa and Rex, visited us for a week in May. Melissa thoroughly enjoyed showing Rex around our favorite city as well as Oxford.
Never have I seen London, speaking generally, so full of expectancy – booming with building. Areas we were so familiar with have changed radically. But the presence of Islam is ominous. There is virtually no respect for God and the Church. Most churches are empty; few are full – like KT and HTB. Never has the need for Revival been greater.
But if my eschatological take is correct, Revival is not far away. Yes. I still believe the Midnight Cry (the announcement “Jesus is coming soon”) is at hand – that I will see it in my lifetime. I have decided to call my next book The Midnight Cry – an elaboration of the chapter called “Isaac” in my recent book Holy Fire.
The only problem with being away from Tennessee is the distance from our children and grandchildren. But Skype helps a lot.
Louise and I enjoy good health. Old age is not for sissies but we are doing well for our age. Amazingly, we are busier than ever.
God has been so kind and gracious to us. And yet Isaiah 30:15 has been put to me of late with a renewed warning: – a sober caution not to run ahead of the Lord as Joseph and Mary did in Luke 2:44. It is so easy to do.
Thank you for your prayers. God bless you all.
R T and Louise Romans 8:28.
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