My most successful book was born in what was (at the time) the greatest trial that Louise and I ever went through. I was angry, bitter, depressed. But an old friend – Josif Tson of Rumania (who as it happens now lives in America) – happened to be in London. Because I knew he wouldn’t tell anybody I told Josif. If I am totally honest I only told Josif so he would put his arm around me and said, ‘R T you have a right to be angry; get it out of your system’. I don’t always tell what immediately happened; he asked for 15 minutes to take a nap as I made a cup of tea for him. He was back in 15 minutes and the tea was very strong. ‘That’s what I call a cup of tea’, he said to me.

Then Josif looked at me and said, ‘R T, you must totally forgive them; unless you totally forgive them you will be in chains. Release them and you will be released’. Nobody had ever talked to me like that in my life. I think of the words ‘Faithful are the wounds of a friend’ (Prov.27:6). If I could narrow 25 years in London down to 15 minutes those 15 minutes turned out to be my finest hour. I would never be the same again; my ministry would never be the same again. The last thing I dreamed was that I would preach a sermon on this, much less a book! First came God Meant it for God – the most important chapter being called ‘Total Forgiveness’, then (a few years later) the book Total Forgiveness. I have received countless letters from people whose lives have been changed – from marriages to children forgiving parents and all kinds of others situations. The book is now in 20 languages and has been accepted in China!

What God did for me he will do for you. All of us have a story to tell. Chances are you have a story, if told, far outweighs mine in terms of unfairness and hurt. I reply: the greater the suffering the greater the anointing and blessing – if you truly totally forgive them. Your life will change and make you a great blessing – and, most of all; you will be blessed with extraordinary grace and freedom.

Total Forgiveness







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