One of the most embarrassing things I have done is to write a book on Humility. But there is a story behind this. My book on Jealousy – the Sin No One Talks About was to be followed by a sequel: Pride – the Sin No One Admits To. But my publisher said, “That title won’t sell”. (We are living in a time more than ever that publishers don’t merely take books because they are good or worthy; they must sell or the publisher loses money). I replied: I refuse to write a book on Humility.

But it was my very pride that caused me to say that. My friend Lyndon Bowring said to me, “Don’t worry RT, those who know you best will ever accuse you of being humble”. So I agreed to the book. Not a word was changed, only the title. I actually wanted the original book to be on self-righteousness, but the publisher said that was an even worse title! It seems I come up with non-selling titles these days!

I wrote the book with the hope of surveying the human heart. The heart – so deceitful and wicked said Jeremiah (17:9) – is like peeling the layers of an onion. We are so filled with self-pity, self-righteousness and pride. I could write a book like this because I am so filled with self-pity, self-righteousness and pride. But God has been gracious to this 77 year old and shown me some ways to deal with these weaknesses. I want this book to be a blessing to many people; to take us down off our thrones and bring us to the place we will stop pointing the finger and accuse ourselves – to admit our malady, confess it that we might be cleansed and changed.

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